How to Compile Speedb

This page describes how to clone, compile and use the library.

Check the prerequisites before you start compiling in the dependencies page.

Compile in Release mode

  • Recommended: make static_lib will compile the Speedb static library (librocksdb.a) in release mode.

  • make shared_lib will compile the Speedb shared library ( in release mode.

Compile in Debug mode

Important: If you plan to run Speedb in production, don't compile using the default make or make all invocations. This will compile Speedb in debug mode, which is much slower than release mode.

  • make check will compile Speedb in debug mode and run all the unit tests.

  • make all will compile Speedb's static library, and all tools and unit tests. These tools depend on gflags, so you'll need to have gflags installed to run make all. This will compile Speedb in debug mode. Also, please don't use binaries compiled by make all in production.

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