Release Cadence

Speedb releases follow the usual major.minor.patch semantic versioning schema.

Major versions

Major versions introduce new capabilities and significant changes. It's possible that these versions don't maintain backward compatibility.

Upgrading to a new major version may require some code changes.

Minor versions

Minor versions usually contain extended functionality, without breaking compatibility.

Upgrade to a new minor version is expected to be seamless


Patch-level versions consist primarily of backward-compatible bug fixes.

Default values may also be changed with patch versions, as long as they don't impact the system.

Upgrading from the previous patch version is expected to be seamless.

Release schedule

Our goal is to release a new version approximately every two months.

  • The version number will be based on the content and semantic versioning

  • Any critical bug fixes will be resolved outside of the release cycle.

  • We will rebase to a newer Rocksdb version occasionally, changing the release number accordingly

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