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Speedb 2.8.0 (31-January-2024)

The following release is based on RocksDB 8.6.7

New Features

  • Memory Tracking: provides insights about the memory consumption per component. This works in debug mode only. by @ofriedma in #757


  • Add JAVA and C Interface for EnableSpeedbFeatures by @udi-speedb in #772

  • LOG Enhancement:Have a separate LOG entry per CF Stats by @udi-speedb in #801

  • Export GetFlushReasonString/GetCompactionReasonString in listener.h by @git-hulk in #785

Bug Fixes

  • stress test: Fixed TestIterateAgainstExpected not supporting 0 iterations by @Yuval-Ariel in #796

  • Fixed conflicts between db_bench flags and enable speedb features flag by @ofriedma in #765

  • stress test: Disable IsDone assertion which fails with tracing sometimes by @Yuval-Ariel in #816

  • Refresh exist iterator isnot supported in hash spdb and vector memtablerep should avoid that (#802) by @ayulas in #811

  • 812 stress test error initiateflushesthread assertion fail num running flushes 0 by @udi-speedb in #817


Known Issue

  • With this release, user-defined timestamps are not supported.

Full Changelog:


Release date: 25-October-2023

The following release is based on RocksDB 8.1.1

New Features


  • Logger: Add reporting capabilities to the WBM by @Yuval-Ariel in #556

  • Report static pinning options to the log (#691) by @udi-speedb in #707

  • Add the offset and size to the dump SST footer details by @git-hulk in #679

  • 653: Support hash spdb as part of enable Speedb features by @ayulas in #655

  • Enable-Speedb-Feature: Use Scoped Pinning Policy instead of Default Policy by @udi-speedb in #715 Note: We recommend only using Enable-Speedb-feature in POC with this release, since the configuration set by Enable-Speedb-feature might not be saved after recovery.

  • Make a static pinning decision based on the last level with data (not bottommost level) (#626) by @udi-speedb in #684

  • db bench: usability of the pinning policy parameter by @udi-speedb in #720

  • Static Pinning: Set the default for last-level-with-data to 70 by @udi-speedb in #727

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed repeatable threads not working with on thread start feature by @ofriedma in #667

  • Fixed a JAVA build issue introduced by #597 (#680) by @udi-speedb in #681

  • db_bench: Fixed a conflict between the enable_speedb_features and pinning_policy flags by @udi-speedb in #730


Thanks to the new contributor! 💙


Release date: 22-August-2023 | Based on RocksDB 8.1.1

New Features

  • Added Speedb tuning function that optimizes configuration for single and multi databases by @RoyBenMoshe in #543

  • Support Speedb sorted hash memtable in Java and C by @ayulas in #612

  • Add on thread start callback by @ofriedma in #629


  • Redo of Index/Filter/Data blocks sizes in Block (LRU) Block Cache per CF after rebase on RocksDB 8.1 (#516) by @udi-speedb in #620

  • Move to zlib 1.3 (Makefile) by @ayulas in #646

  • 639: move hashSpdb memtable from plugin to main code by @ayulas in #640

Bug Fixes

  • WriteController: move it to public interface by @Yuval-Ariel in #579

  • Fixed log trace of Block Cache (Entry) Stats dump (#577) by @udi-speedb in #578

  • Added consideration to flushes that were not initiated by the write buffer manager by @udi-speedb in #632

  • 606 stuck switch with plug by @ayulas in #610

  • 570 spdb memtable use seek paralel threshold mishandled by @ayulas in #603

Full Changelog: speedb/v2.5.0...speedb/v2.6.0


Release date: 14-June-2023 | Based on RocksDB 8.1.1

New Features

  • Dirty memory: connect wbm to global delay : Delay writes gradually based on memory usage of the WriteBufferManager (WBM) in order to gain stability. To use this feature, pass allow_stall = true to the ctor of WBM and the db needs to be opened with options.use_dynamic_delay = true. by @Yuval-Ariel in #423

  • Prevent flush entry followed delete operations currently during memtable flush , if the key has a match key in the delete range table and this record has no snapshot related to it, we still write it with its value to the SST file. This feature keeps only the delete record and reduces SST size for later compaction. by @ayulas in #418 (#411)


  • Log: Add the CF name and job ID to all compaction job traces by @udi-speedb in #511

  • Log: Display cf names in rolled logs with their options by @udi-speedb in #518

  • Log: Report the name of cf-s whose options are skipped in the log by @udi-speedb in #520

  • db_stress: Add cost_write_buffer_to_cache flag by @udi-speedb in #513

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sorted hash memtable use after free bug by @ayulas in #553 #501

  • Sanitize max_num_parallel_flushes in WBM if 0 by @udi-speedb in #515

  • WriteController: fix for stop while shutting down. Also switch to waiting a sec on the CV each time. This is required since a bg error * doesn't signal the CV in the WriteController. by @Yuval-Ariel in #499

  • Fixed UnlockWALStallCleared test in utilities/transactions/ by @Yuval-Ariel in #514

  • Always assume optimize_filters_for_memory=false when creating a paired bloom filter by @udi-speedb in #528

  • db_bench and stress: fixed WBM initiation by @udi-speedb in #510

  • db_bench: Create a WBM once for all db-s regardless of their use in different groups by @udi-speedb in #551

  • Fixed Tombstone test failure as a result of not clear local variable by @ayulas in #561

  • Makefile: Remove pycache artifacts after running gtest-parallel #495

  • AVX512: fix disabling other optimizations by @Yuval-Ariel in #489 #489


Full Changelog:


Release date: 19-April-2023 | Based on RocksDB 7.7.8


  • Add the ability to create any Filter Policy in java (including ribbon filter and the Speedb paired bloom filter) #387

Bug Fix

  • Write Flow: Reduce debug log size. Note: the write flow is still experimental in this release #472


Release date: 5-April-2023 | Based on RocksDB 7.7.8

New Features


  • Skip expired object while using DBWithTtl #403

Bug Fixes

  • Dynamic delay writes: fix pending bytes rate calculation #451

  • Global delay write: check again credits under mutex #438


  • Add back accidental revert in DropRandomUnsyncedData #402

  • Add speedb licenses to code #409

  • Enforce writing licenses inside a source file #410

  • Makefile: Use speedb libs in build_size target #399

  • Replace uint with unsinged int (Windows Build Failure) #421

  • crashtest: dont reroll skip_list or HashSpdRepFactory #452

  • options: Forward declare WriteBufferManager #433


Release date: 15-February-2023 | Based on RocksDB 7.7.8

New Feature


  • Improved performance while using the sorted-hash memtable #299

  • Added prints and query option of Index size per CF - LRU Cache Only #368

  • Add F_BARRIERFSYNC for Sync operations on MacOS (addresses the issue raised in rocksdb#11035) #319

  • Paired-Bloom-Filter: Balancing rounding to batches between the bottom-most level and other levels #371

  • db_bench: recreate only specified DBs in a group of benchmarks #370

  • Use a NoSyncFileSystem to skip Sync/FSync to reduce test times ( based on RocksDB PR 9545) #380

Bug Fixes

  • Delayed Writes: fix L0 calc bug #311

  • util: Fixed compilation failure on Fedora 35 with gcc 11.2.1 and gflag 2.2.2 #396

  • Fixed compilation failure on windows #384

  • Fixed compilation issues on Mac by #393

  • Use the Test Name for the dbname when running unit tests #353


  • add Speedb is awesome example to the getting started section #382

  • unit tests: fix CompactionServiceTest.RemoteEventListener (#314) #354

  • artifacts check tool - readme file was updated #293

  • don't use AVX512 with asan #398


Release date: 30-January-2023 | Based on RocksDB 7.7.8

Bug Fixes

  • Delayed Writes: fixed L0 calculation bug #311


  • Added WBM's cache info to the log #313

  • db_bench: set db_bench defaults to Speedb #322

  • build: remove the dependency on GNU Parallel for running unit tests #243


Release date: 22-December-2022 | Based on RocksDB 7.7.3

New Features


Bug Fixes

  • db_bench: bug fix inserted #265

  • db_bench: ErrorExit from static func bug #278

  • Proactive Flushes: compilation warnings fix #307


  • Added info to the log file for artifact testing #286

  • Disable LoadCustomizableTest.LoadMemTableRepFactoryTest #305


Release date: 15-November-2022 | Based on RocksDB 7.2.2

Bug Fixes

  • Shorten latency while switch memtable (#14)

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using the hash memtable. (#98)

  • memtable_list: avoid rolling back memtable flush on CF drop (#144)

  • crashtest: fix 0 value of data_block_hash_table_util_ratio (#214)

  • deletefile_test: fix breakage caused by the compaction threads change (#218)

  • cmake: clean up on successful runs and randomise test scheduling (#202)

  • build: add a version build-tag for non-release builds (#156)

  • build: support ccache and sccache in the Makefile build (#170)

  • Update

  • docs: fix instructions for building Speedb in and

  • readme typo fix by @azmisaquib (#223)

  • build_version: apply the build tag to the Speedb version string (#231)

  • build: correctly handle merge commits when calculating a build tag (#207)

  • db_test2: fix BackgroundPurgeTest (#236)

  • Update (#239)

  • db_bench: Fix a bug when destructing a Benchmark with multiple db-s (#234)

  • db_bench: add benchmark - seektodeletedranges (#201)


Release date: 26-October-2022 | Based on RocksDB 7.2.2

New Features

  • Added new Paired bloom filter that reduces false positive rate with the same performance and memory. In some configurations, the memory consumption is even reduced by up to 30%. Note: Paired bloom filter is recommended to use when the number of bits per key is larger than 10. (#54)

  • Added Plugin Tests to builds (#143)


  • The default value for the number of compaction threads has changed to 8 (#194)

  • An infrastructure addition for a future feature: added API to retrieve the amount of immutable memory that can be freed. (#113)

  • cmake: allow running the tests in parallel like in the Makefile (#103)

  • build: fix the java test target dependencies (#129)

  • flush_job: do not roll back memtable flush on CF drop and DB shutdown (#127)

  • When background purges are used, set their priority to low instead of high, (#151)

  • Added db_bench option to change the parameter: avoid_unnecessary_blocking_io (#184)

  • Allow construction of Filter Policy from uri to the tools (#83)


  • Remove the GPL as an alternative license (#119)

  • Fix shell tab-completions in makefile (#148)

  • Added Speedb change-log to the file (#189)

  • makefile: rework the dependency graph for faster test runs startup (#175)

  • Change the name of the output artifacts to Speedb (#66)


Release date: 04-August-2022 | Based on RocksDB 7.2.2

New Features

  • Added a new hash based memtable that supports concurrent reads and writes

  • Added ability to create MemTableFactory from URI/string to tools

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid comparing Status using == as it compares only status codes. The comparison breaks when comparing against status::NoSpace() since it has a status code of Code::kIOError and only a subcode of SubCode::kNoSpace

  • Fixed snapshots leak in optimistic_transaction_example: whenever the example is run under ASan, snapshots are acquired but not released, resulting in a memory leak error.

  • ldb: fix get to print the entire value

  • db_bench: fix Rocksdb bug of last_ref assertion. Test fails to delete multi-dbs correctly.

  • db_bench: fix SeekRandom and ReadRandomWriteRandom to work on all CFs instead of the default

  • db_bench to report accurate response time when using rate limit

  • db_test: add test for - forward the incomplete status on no_io (facebook/rocksdb#8485)

  • CMake: use the old plugin infra and add support for *_FUNC registration


  • LOG: Print write_buffer_manager size to LOG

  • LOG: change log header to SpeeDB

  • LOG & db_bench: metadata_cache_options - print to LOG and support its configuration in db_bench

  • db_impl: use unique_ptr in DBImpl::Open for nicer memory management

  • Explicitly compare the SuperVersion pointer in column_family

  • Rename rocksdb threads to speedb

  • Add a version number to Speedb builds

  • Clang-Format: Do not include third-party code as any changes are either version updates or fixes.

  • Git: add clangd cache to .gitignore

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