Submit a pull request

This page describes the process for submitting a pull request for a code change.

When you're finished with your code changes, create a pull request, also known as a PR. If you're unfamiliar with open-source contributions on GitHub, follow the Creating a pull request guide.

Important information when creating a pull request

  • Describe what your change achieves, especially if there isn't a relevant issue open.

  • Reference relevant issues and discussions, and don't forget to link your PR to an issue if you're solving one.

  • Explain how you tested your changes (we recommend adding a "Test Plan:" section to the pull request summary, which specifies what testing was done to validate the quality and performance of the change).

  • If your change impacts performance, explain why the specific performance environment was chosen. Also specify at least one benchmark test case that favors the improvement and share the results.

  • Enable the checkbox to allow maintainer edits so the branch can be updated for a merge. Once you submit your PR, a Speedb team member will review your proposal. We may ask questions or request additional information.

  • We may ask for changes to be made before a PR can be merged, either using suggested changes or pull request comments. You can apply suggested changes directly through the UI. You can make any other changes in your fork, then commit them to your branch.

  • If you run into any merge issues, check out this git tutorial to help you resolve merge conflicts and other issues.

You can submit a pull request here.

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